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You Live in a Holographic Reality and it’s Not What You Think it is

Exploring the nature of reality and the state of bamboozlement we’ve been in for a very long time.

We all have an intimate connection to what we call our lives and our world. Although we inhabit the same planet, the worlds we live in are quite different from each other. Yes, there are many similarities, but at the heart of it is an ever-changing contrast.

Your world derives from within you. It’s based on your innermost subconscious feelings, thoughts and convictions, and it shines outwards as a projection of your beliefs. In this way, you have a unique view on life and its affairs, quite unlike any other person. It’s a feature we have in common.

The world reflects who you are at your most fundamental level. It’s a mirror to your subconscious, pointing you in the direction of your own evolution. You see your faults and frailties in the world around you. Equally so, you see your strengths and talents. But beyond these matters which are bound to your person, the world reflects something deeper. It’s as if you’re peering into a deep chasm within, one without an ending or beginning.

In this way what we call the external world acts as a feedback loop to our internal processes. Events and people manifest in line with your base programming, which realises itself first in conscious thought, then deed and later reality. We act according to our programming and are at the mercy of it. Whether or not it’s positive or negative from our point of view is irrelevant. In this way, humans could be defined as biological machines — programmable entities that act upon rules set by our programmers.

However, there’s more to it than just that. It’s not merely that our beliefs manifest themselves in our thoughts, which in turn prompt us to behave in certain ways, which cause effects in the external world, but it would seem that life itself delivers to us circumstances that correspond to our beliefs. Traditionally we call these coincidences. Jung would call them synchronicities. Others would say it’s fate or destiny. Whatever the definition, it appears that our subconscious beliefs act like magnets to corresponding, and often polar, outer events which come to us in order to balance the equation. To act as a reflection, and help us resolve our inner conflicts.

Why is that so? Why is external existence, as we see it, tied to our internal world? Well, consider the Flower of Life (above), and you’ve got your answer. On an energetic and trans-material level, everything is connected to everything else. All is one. That’s not just a philosophical and spiritual truth any longer. Quantum physics has proven this. There’s no need for me to go into details of various experiments, as you can do your own research (I suggest Lyne McTaggart’s eye-opening book, the Field). What was true for enlightened beings ages ago, is now in the realm of Joe public. It’s not longer hocus-pocus, fairy-dust thinking. It’s fact. All that surrounds you is, on a material level, an electromagnetic field — a hologram of the higher reality.

That’s what is meant with “as above, so below, as within, so without”.

It’s the Flower of Life, which arises from the Seed of Life, and goes into the Tree of Life. We’re permeated with it, we’re in it. We’re in God. From this vantage point, we create our existence on a moment-by-moment basis. You bring into reality what you hold within. Your thoughts and feelings have a certain vibration which acts as a manipulating force upon the electromagnetic field you’re in, bringing about circumstances in line with your frequency. Matter isn’t this solid immovable thing. It’s always flowing from one momentary state to another (or rather, it appears to be flowing). Where in dreams things appear instantly, in the material plane, it takes longer, since we’re in the dimension of time and space. Inertia, that’s all. So look to your dreams to learn how to master the Dream.

You may feel resistance towards this line of thinking because you’ve been brought up under a Newtonian and Darwinian influence, and the idea of the fully-mechanical universe, where we’re merely cogs in a machine. Or you were brainwashed by the Judeo-Christian ideology. The Holy Father and poor little me, lurking in his shadow, forever indebted. Whatever the influence, it’s time to unlearn; to cleanse ourselves with the truth. We’re waking up from a very deep and long slumber.

As long as you feel like a separate entity from all that is, so long will you continue to suffer your small self. Selfishness is all right. What we need to redefine and reexamine is who we are on our most fundamental level. That’s the most important question we can ever hope to shine a light on.

You’ll never attain real power as long as you yearn for it. You only attain power once you let go of your ego trip. Only then can you tap into this Universal force. That’s true power, and it is has nothing to do with controlling anything and anyone else.

At times I experience a curious sensation of being within myself — that the world around me is the view of myself from within. The line between outer and inner becomes blurred, and what’s left is one process. In those moments it seems blatantly plain that it is de facto as such. What seems so separate from the perspective of our ordinary consciousness, cannot be more one and the same when seen from the perspective of unity. I am creating my world, and my world is showing me myself. It’s showing me who I am, in a constant communication, or rather, communion.

This feeling inspires me and supplies a sense of security, for it removes the notion that I am this little self divided against all of life. It gives me an expansive sense of oneness, whereas I am not just me myself, but everything else as well. It inspires me to see that I am able to influence, to some degree, what happens around me. But, more than that, I develop trust; a fundamental faith in the unknown and the unknowable. It helps me stay open to what is about to arise in an exciting anticipation.

I begin to see, or at least, imagine, that I am inseparably connected to the source, which, when taken further, results in only one conclusion: I am the source.

And inevitably, so are you.

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