The Virtualisation of Life

We’re increasingly finding ourselves living in virtual reality. 2020 only expedited this inevitability. But is it inevitable? I hope not. While there are several significant advantages brought by the virtualisation of life, including but not limited to being able to work from quite literary anywhere, connect with like-minded individuals the world around, there are also the nefarious and often chilling side-effects brought upon by the matrixation of the world.

Our age is an age of escapism and the virtual planes offer that in abundance ad infinitum. But if we’re merely going to escape into the meta without figuring out the universe, our being-ness, the lessons that we need to grasp, then we’re bound to repeating them. A Metaverse is collapsible too, after all. Servers get destroyed, and we’re done for.

So, is the virtualisation of the world going to eat us up, or is there a future where we don’t build fantasy worlds inside servers, but do it out here, in — for lack of a better word — real world?

Praxis is a project that wants to bring about heroic projects, a most fascinating vision; projects that won’t be built in the matrix, but in reality. I’m hooked. How can I join? Where do I sign in? Oh, yes, I have to be one doing heroic projects, too. But am I? Are you? Or are we sitting on our butts wondering when the world will end? I don’t want to become a battery for the machines.

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Serenity now.

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