This travel platform will pay for your contributions

Travelicious, a next-gen travel platform (logo design by Saša Nemec)

A manifesto for a travel platform that rewards content creators for their contributions and delights travellers with great content and more.

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Most travel apps are more of the same. Clutter, poor user experience, lousy recommendation systems, shitty content.

Flying cars, yet we’re still looking at top 10 lists…

So we said let’s change that, let’s create a travel platform for the next generation of travellers.

Enter Travelicious

You can check our beta version at

For content creators
Travel content creators get fairly rewarded on Travelicious for their contributions (image source)

For travellers

Travellers will discover amazing places on Travelicious (image source)
The 6 touch points a traveller goes through in their user journey

For travel suppliers

Integration, not competition

Equal and fair distribution of wealth

Travellers x Content creators x Travel supply = Travelicious

Some quick math

Check out the Beta (MVP)

The MVP is ready to use (see and request early access)

One App the World Around

Serenity now.

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